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Vogue Iced Tea

Vogue Iced Tea

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Teas inspired by classic cocktails! Choose from these artfully crafted blends.


This classic cocktail has been translated into this most delicious iced tea. Our unique black tea base is blended with orange and has a subtle sweetness.

Inspired by the classic cocktail of Harry’s Bar in Venice, our Bellini is a black tea with peach, vanilla and a hint of ginger.

“Green Fairy”
“La Fée Verte”, refers to Absinthe, the storied spirit of the bohemian culture in 1920’s Paris. This green tea blend brews up a signature bright green color
and has a hint of anise.

La Belle Époque
In celebration of the “Beautiful Era” and a time of joie de vivre (joy of living) we present this iced tea blend of hibiscus, orange, lemon, and rose.

Humphrey Bogart is the star of the film “Cassablanca” a city in Morocco and of French colonial legacy. This tea is a blend of our Moroccan Mint green tea and Lemon Verbena.

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