Vogue Iced Teas


This classic cocktail has been translated into this most delicious iced tea.
Our unique black tea base is blended with orange and has a subtle sweetness.


Inspired by the classic cocktail of Harry’s Bar in Venice,
our Bellini is a black tea with peach, vanilla and a hint of ginger.

“Green Fairy”

“La Fée Verte”, refers to Absinthe, the storied spirit of the bohemian culture
in 1920’s Paris. This green tea blend brews up a signature bright green color
and has a hint of anise.

La Belle Époque

In celebration of the “Beautiful Era” and a time of joie de vivre (joy of living)
we present this iced tea blend of hibiscus, orange, lemon, and rose.


Humphrey Bogart is the star of the film “Cassablanca” a city in Morocco
and of French colonial legacy. This tea is a blend of our Moroccan Mint
green tea and Lemon Verbena.

$8 /each

Served in a vintage style coupe champagne glass along with a carafe of your tea.