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Club Jolie

Club Jolie

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Club Jolie is our tea-of-the-month program.

Choose 3 month, 6 month, or full year membership. Each month the recipient will look forward to a package containing 2 ounces of the monthly featured tea. Free tea tin for storage will arrive with your first delivery! 


Featured Teas Include

January: Doctor Zhivago Blend
Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black tea, vanilla bean pieces and vanilla essence. 

February: Aphrodite & David
Ingredients: China black tea, rost petals, blood orange pieces gignger pieces, blood orange essencs, ginger essence. 

March: The Little Black Tea
Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea, Chinese Congou black tea, rose petals, vanilla bean pieces, vanilla essence.

April: Fleur d'Oranger
Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic jasmine petals, organic orange peel, natural orange essence oil.

May: SoHa Blend
Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, Nilgiri black tea, Darjeeling black tea, lemon peel pieces, lemon grass, vanilla bean pieces, vanilla essence, lemon essence.

June: Saint Germain
Ingredients: Chinese green tea, jasmine blossoms, orange pieces, safflower petals, mandarin orange essence

July: La Fete
Ingredients: Black tea, black current essence, vanilla essence, calendula petals, lemon peel, lemon essence, lemon grass. 

August: La Belle Rose
Ingredients: Black tea, green tea, rose petals, lavender, vanilla essence, bergamot essence.

September: Autumn Cranberry
Ingredients: Indian black tea, cranberry pieces, blackberry leaves. 

October: Manhattan
Ingredients: Black tea, blood orange pieces, cranberry pieces, blackberry leaves, and natural flavor. 

November: Pumpkin Pie Rooibos
Ingredients:  Red rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, natural vanilla oil. 

December: French 75
Ingredients: Organic black and white tea, organic meyer lemon peel, organic orange peel, organic jasmine flowers, French lavender, organic lemongrass, organic elder flower, and organic essence. 
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