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"A Taste of Oolong"

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Size: 1oz of each tea, total 3oz in set

Oolong teas range from some that are more green to those that are more black. In this sampler set you can compare the more green, Huang Jin Gui Oolong, to the more black, China Sechung Oolong, as well as enjoy the scented China Jasmine. 


China Sechung Oolong
Ingredients: Oolong tea from Fujian Province, China.

Description: Often referred to as "Min Nan Oolong," this type of Oolong is found in the southern mountains of China's Fujian Province. 


Huang Jin Gui
Ingredients: Chinese oolong tea.

Description: Look for a rich fragrance and sweet taste reminiscent of lilies and osmanthus in this classic tea grown in the high elevations of the Fujian Province, China.


China Jasmine
Ingredients: Chinese Pouchong oolong tea.

Description: Look for a honey-sweet floral aroma and taste in this traditional jasmine-scented tea from the Huang Mountain area of China.

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