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What's your favorite time of day for tea?


"9:00 AM and again at 3:00PM"
Tracey Nestel

"Any time of day or nite is perfect for tea.  I drink tea all day.  It's very grounding..."
Brenda vega-hamlington

"When the home is quiet and my mind is still. To sit quietly with a cup of tea, is a meditation in and of itself."
Barbara Alonzi

"After work… around 4:00pm"
Tammy Martel

"Late night.  My favorite time to drink tea is as i settle in for a few hours of reading right before bed."

"Afternoon, but really anytime!!"
Donna Fritz

Barbara Maclachlan

"After lunch"
Valda Winsloe

"Anytime really, I drink tea & herbal infusions all day long.  Also, my daughter & I enjoy serving high tea at home or enjoy a tea mocktail in the evenings.  Tea is the most universal drink of choice in my book, that’s why My favorite time for tea is Anytime!"

"After work at 5 pm"
Karen Pilecki

Jessica Zdon-Smith

"My late morning tea is always my most appreciated cup! It's my first chance for a breather after a busy start to the day and provides me the boost I need."

"Between 9 and 11 in the morning."

"All day! Everyday! Everyday is tea time! “If man has no tea in him he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”"
Isabelle Job

"While I certainly enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon, I have come to enjoy a cup after dinner which began with friends in my ski club when we all enjoy our own special choices sitting at a big table in our dining room.  This has now become a ritual in our home as we enjoy tea after dinner.  My husband especially enjoys a minty tea like Tinsel & Fir."
Althea Cranton

"The time I’m awake!"
Hattie Black

"All day long!"

"Right around 1 pm- a nice refresher before the 2:30pm slump can even hit me"
Sarah H.

Sandra Meuse

"First thing in the morning!"
Jess Carknard

"Mid to late evening."
Carol Northcutt

" 3:00 p.m."