New at Jolie! 

Join us at our Derby Street, Salem, MA location for Tea Classes.

We are offering three different classes for groups of 2-4 people on Thursdays.

We hope you can join us and enjoy! 

The three classes we are offering now are: 

How to Brew & Enjoy Loose Leaf Tea
this class will guide you through the process of selecting and brewing fine loos leaf teas for your use at home. We will show you several different methods of brewing loose leaf as opposed to the more common teabags. We will also go over water temperatures and times to bring out the best flavor in each kind of tea. 
$30 per person

Tea 101
An introduction to the world of tea and an exploration into the sensory experience of drinking tea. Learn about the 4 major types of tea. See, smell and taste the differences between these teas. Review how to brew loose leaf tea to experience the maximum flavor of each leaf.
$30 per person

All About Green Tea
Explore the world of green tea from two wonderful tea countries, China and Japan. As with all tea, the leaves are the same but the final product of green tea from each of these countries could not be more different. We will also learn about matcha. Come taste and explore the world of green!
$30 per person

Extend your visit to Jolie by booking a Lunch or High Tea for after your class!