"The Best of Green"

The perfect way to sample and taste the differences between Chinese and Japanese green teas as well as flavored and unflavored green teas. 


Chun Mee
Ingredients: Organic green tea

Description: Chun Mee, also known as "Precious Eyebrow" tea, has a unique plum-like taste. This certified organic Chinese Green Tea is very smooth and will soon become a favorite green for you! 


Ingredients:  Green tea from the Shizuoka region near Mount Fuji, Japan.

Description:  These tea leaves are picked and then steamed, making Sencha Japan’s most classic unflavored tea.  It has all the sweetness of green teas along with characteristic seaweed tones.  It is full of health benefits, producing disease fighting compounds and a high level of antioxidants in every cup.  Nothing says modern elegance like this beverage where full flavor is only matched by its healthiness. 

Pomegranate Green
Ingredients: China green tea, pomegranate pieces, rose petals.

Description:  In ancient Greece, a queen sits with a bowl of ripe pomegranates.  Their fragrant scent fills the air with a delicate perfume.  Her hand reaches for a dish of seeds that glow like rubies…..

Be transported as a cup of pomegranate green tea steams and releases the bloom of its intoxicating aroma through the room.  The color of the tea is pale jade.  Anticipating the sweet taste, your hand reaches for the handle.


Moroccan Mint
Ingredients:  China gunpowder green tea, spearmint leaves.

Description:  In the northern parts of Africa, a fresh cup of mint green tea is a gesture of hospitality, shared with honored guests to keep cool and stay invigorated in the heat.  Sounds like a good idea to us!  The next time the sun is beginning to boil, invite your friends over and put on a pot of Moroccan Mint Tea.  With this refreshing blend of green tea and spearmint leaves, your porch will be the most popular oasis in the desert.

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