September 30, 2014

Why Tea?

By Amy at Jolie Tea Company

Why Tea?  As the owner of Jolie Tea Company, I get this question a lot.  Followed by, are you a chain?  No, we are not a chain.  And, yes, this was my idea.  Sometimes I let on that this is in fact my dream.  Sometimes that is too much for the person to handle.

I do realize that there are many other business ideas out there.  Certainly selling cars might be more profitable.  I could probably pay the rent after selling just one car per month.

Selling electronics would certainly increase foot traffic.  Lines forming outside the door with the launch of a new model.  Customers camping outside along Bay Road.

Selling ice cream would be a product that most all people are familiar with.  There is not much of an explanation needed between different types of ice cream.  Vanilla, chocolate, peppermint stick are pretty much self evident.  There is also not much explanation needed on how to consume an ice cream or for that matter any fear that it will not be done properly.

I chose tea.  Why?  Actually, right now, I am wondering the same thing!  But, seriously, I believe in tea.

I believe in its health properties, its history, its culture and its diversity.  I believe in its art of production.  I believe in its ability to adapt to a contemporary lifestyle, its transformative properties and its reflection of humanity.  I believe that tea can make the world a better place.  Really. 

So, we will keep selling the many, many 2oz bags of tea needed to pay the rent.

We will always be excited and grateful for the handful of customers that walk through our door each day.  People that make up the living experience of our store.  People that engage in conversation and share their stories.  Such wonderful stories!

And, we will always find joy in teaching our customers about tea.  Explaining the difference between black and oolong teas.  Discussing the  incredible health properties of green teas.  Demonstrating how to brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea.  So that every willing person can enjoy this elixir of life.  So that everyone can enjoy its magical qualities and mystical origins.  So everyone can make the world a better place one more cup of tea at a time.

This is why I chose tea and why I believe in tea.  This is why, everyday, I am so excited and feel so lucky, to step through the door of Jolie Tea Company to share this lifestyle of tea with those who step through that door as well.

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Jolie Tea Company

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