As The Leaves Steep

  • Why Tea?

    Why Tea?  As the owner of Jolie Tea Company, I get this question a lot.  Followed by, are you a chain?  No, we are not a chain.  And, yes, this was my idea.  Sometimes I let on that this is in fact my dream.  Sometimes that is too much for the person to handle.

    I do realize that there are many other business ideas out there.  Certainly selling cars might be more profitable.  I could probably pay the rent after selling just one car per month.

    Selling electronics would certainly increase foot traffic.  Lines forming outside the door with the launch of a new model.  Customers camping outside along Bay Road...

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  • Statement Tea

    Statement Tea

    As I flip through the new Fall magazines, for personal inspiration as well as for fresh ideas for our tea business, I can not ignore the fact that there is one word that is quite a buzz.  Maybe you have noticed it too.  That word is "Statement".

    Statement jeans.  Statement scent.  Statement suit.  Statement color.  Statement dress.  Statement bracelet.  Everything seems to be about making and creating a statement of yourself, with the anointed statement pieces, for the world to see.  Statement is definitely trending now.

    So, in addition to now trying to coax statements out of my tried and true closet, perfume, jewelry, etc, I have been thinking about how "statement" could be applied to tea...

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