Taking Pre-Orders To Go For Tea & Pastry! (Closed Monday & Tuesdays) 

Tea Flights

We are so sorry that we are unable to take Tea Flight reservations at this time.

Tea Flights at Jolie Tea Company!

We now will take reservations for Sunday Tea Flights.

Enjoy and explore the world of tea at Jolie!
Choose up to three different teas.
Select a featured flight from our Tea Flight Menu below or choose any
three teas from the over 200 teas in-house.

We will prepare each tea according to its specific brew temperature and time.  This is the perfect way to experience several teas at once when only one will not do!

Book your flights for Sundays!
Simply fill out the form below and indicate your tea flight or if you prefer,
wait until you arrive and we can help you with your selections.


Sunday Tea Flight Reservations

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